Investment Funds

African Plan Investment Funds

Is an african plan specially created to promot and to  bring hand working to best projets and oppotunities of investment in africa, in what we are working for.

Through adhesion, investissors check up eclusevely and privately, presenting ideas, and interesting projects rentables,choosing with professionalism, the total liberty to decide if and how to contribute financially and or puting on lign of services, and obtening help of African Plan Investment Funds.


AfricanPlanLab is a collaboration lign, used by African Plan to planified, and puting on fits projets.

In AfricanplanLab there are professionals, technicians, specialists of various sectors, companies and organizations offering competents, experiences physical space office, laborateries, work place to give us and to you the opportunity to realize effectevely your ideas depending for differents needs.

AfricanPlanLab is on constantely evolution with and looking for experts, companies and spaces. If you are professional, a specialist, an institution, a company, craft (man or woman, owner of a space neglect and logistics well connected, thinking you can put your acquaintances to our disposition and/or your places by innovating, contact us now !

Trading mission

Foreign business mission
African Plan assist each year all delegations and workers comming from others country interested in exploring the possibilities of company in african countries.
Companies choosing to follow business mission with the help of African Plan count to the support at 360 degree of the professionnal staff delighted to professional services and focus to specificss uses of rache delegations.
Modalities of operation are caracterise by success of companies with great  value on diffents phases of initiative :

Before the mission: preliminary market study, corresponding pre-business, of selection of the African operators of the potential partners; program activities of drafting, organizing a program of appointment personalized, research services and of selection of the suppliers, logistics assistance to the delegation.

During the mission : assistance lasting of the meetings and visits  companies,  the services  interpretation,  assistance in the trade negotiations, the logistical support.

After the mission : The drafting of a final report, collection of the forms  evaluation, assistance in the follow-up of  activities with potential partners in Africa.

Affairs mission in Africa

African Plan represent african focus company ineterested for investment  or developing foreign occasion. Our organization organize regularly  commercials foreign missions were  sellers and buyers organize commercials foirs, with general expositons. African operators foreigns services calenders are articulated with differents  types of work :

Before the mission : selection and operators recruitment on market studying bases; summing up of mission, participants calender of activities with their travelling uses.

During the mission : organizationnal help and logistics africans operators participants initiative ; organization of activities business-to business with presentation moments with their potentials partners.

After the mission : the redaction of final report, the collections of evaluatives formulers, assisting activities with potentials partners in Africa.

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