Have you an idea or a project ?

We are steel checking for new ideas and project to tranform to reality. Don’t worried if you do not havea complete business plan with financial data, a prototype, etc… We are going to work together ; the most important is to know what you want to do .

Send us a simple presentation, if possible on word format or powerpoint court, where you will describe words and drawings, etc :

  • Who are you : tells us more your partnrs and you, your studies, your competences and experiences.
  • What you want to do : Speak about your idea using simple and clear language
  • Why are you convence i twill work ? Why investissor choose your project ?
  • How to reach the point : Our you obtain your product-services? what is your opinion? which competences
  • When and which time you thing he can help to develope the product-company

African Plan constitutes wallets of projects in which it invests in the stockholders' equity. Becomes minority shareholder for one period of generally less than 5 years.

Be you a professional, deprived investor or a chief, company?

African Plan is able to offer opportunities to you; investment interesting in the African countries in various sectors, especially if innovating: new patents, products and services which require financial and industrial partners to be developed and marketed; companies which needs resources to come over african markets, african companies finding investissors and opportunities, companies to be sell or privatized; real estate investement.

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