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Once a continent far behind, Africa has been showing high economic growth rates and sustainable development for more than a decade.
Traditionally many international companies have had little or no operations on the continent.
With an accelerating economy, a population of over 1 billion people and a fast expanding middle class, many companies see Africa as the last frontier.

Omnia Fora is servicing companies and organisations operating on the continent.

The networks of African Plan are connecting over 5000,000 business professionals worldwide with an interest in the continent.


Jenpho Enterprises is one of the major players in African market research through the African Plan, a strong research tool with over 8000 participants.

Members of African Plan work in the private sector for companies registered in and operating out of Africa. They are the senior managers, entrepreneurs or professionals that form the backbone of the business community throughout Africa.

 Omnia Fora has direct access to over 500,000 players in the African Economy. For a broad range of clients we recruit professionals in all African countries. That might either be directors, managers, staff, specialists. We recruit for all branches and have strong positions in ICT, Media, Banking & Investment, Agribusiness, Oil & MiningSustainable Energy, the Public Sector and NGO's.

With lead generation anything goes - inviting participants for your conferences, presentations, networking events. Selecting importers, exporters, distributors. Finding business partners, clients, investors.

We upload African business news on our website on a daily bases. We publish our online magazine African Plan News weekly to 25,000+ subscribers.

In addition to news stories we publish interviewsresearchviews and business leads.

To sponsors and advertisers we offer presence on the continent. Through bannering and advertising. And also through editorial content - interviews and opinion - for even more impact.

Well defined target groups give our clients the opportunity to conduct highly effective direct marketing campaigns.

Omnia Fora has spent over three years getting connected with the African media. We have built relationships with thousands of African journalists resulting in the Africa Press List.

The Africa Press List is a powerful and highly effective PR tool being fully interactive. Our clients get direct access to this online tool that enables you to conduct tailor made press release campaigns since you can differentiate on:

  • 55 countries in Africa
  • A worldwide selection of journalists working for the most prominent media reporting on Africa
  • 5 regions - North, West, Central, East and Southern Africa
  • All major African cities
  • 4 languages - English, French, Portuguese, Italian
  • 5 media types - television, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet
  • 30 fields of interest

So you send your press releases to English speaking newspaper journalists in Abuja, Nigeria, reporting on politics. Or to all French speaking journalists in Cameroun working for television, reporting on fashion. Or to all Portuguese journalists worldwide, reporting on African business. Well, it is all up to you.

We offer our clients both a yearly subscription to the Africa Press List and pay-as-you-go. Please feel free to contact us with your request.

In addition to the Africa Press List we can develop and run your newsletters and websites. As a special service we can develop your own social network or integrate your existing social network in our network that will guarantee fast growth and presence of your brand in the Omnia Fora


Omnia Fora is a social venture. Our objectives are to:

  • Serve our clients
  • Make profit for our shareholders
  • Enable our employees to learn and flourish
  • Respect human rights & environment 
  • Create employment in Africa
  • Stimulate African entrepreneurship
  • Transfer knowledge to Africa
  • Connect the world to Africa - and Africa to the world - through social media
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